Panel Process

The process begins with your concept or design specification. We review your needs and look at the best way to provide you with a cost effective solution using the T&M Panel System. Our team has the experience in commercial and residential panel development that can adapt to your current design drawings. If you are just in the initial concept stage, we have a design department that can provide complete engineered drawings and plans for your new project.


Once the final details are done with design and engineering, we go to the production stage. Our modern shop uses the latest in technology that ensures on time delivery with quality control second to none in the industry. Using only the best materials, our craftsmen meet or exceed your expectations. All our panels are manufactured in a climate controlled plant.


Our production process uses a coding system that is designed in the drawings for panel placement. Once your panels arrive on site, there is no confusion of where to place the panels. This saves labor and time, ensuring a faster project competition.


Panels are ready for delivery as part of the T&M Panel System; we make sure the delivery is on your time schedule.


Getting panels ready to be placed at the construction site.

Labor saving is one of the key features of using the T&M Panel System