Q.Why use T&M Panel System?
A. There are many advantages to using our Panel System.
- Faster construction
- Climate controlled assembly plant
- Premium grade lumber & other materials
- Faster inspection since the components are pre-engineered and prefabricate
- Structural engineer on staff
- Design team that understand commercial and residential building codes
- Purchasing department that analyzes the quality and pricing of all raw materials
- Projects managers that know the industry and work with your team to ensure a quality finished assembly
- Minimal waste on job site, reduced dumpster fees
- Cut down on job site lumber theft
- Lower construction cost it can save up to 30% on the overall project
- Structure and calculation made in AutoCAD. This ensures maximum efficiency in materials and assembly costs.

Q. How long does it take for the panels to be made?
A. There are many factors that can influence the panel construction timeline. We assure you our team works with you to have your panels are on site when needed. Talk with our experienced staff and find out more details on why you should use the T&M Panel System.

Q.Is the T&M Panel System more economical?
A.Our manufacturing process utilizes assure lower material and labor costs. Factor that in with other variables and you will find our panel solution a way for you to increase your profits and lower your costs.
According to the National Association of Home Builders (United States), “Engineered building components (panelized wall systems) typically use 26% less wood products and require 37% less construction time, resulting in significant savings for builders".

Q. What is the maximum wall height that can be panelized?
A.We can accommodate up to 24 feet in height.

Q. Are there options for sheathing?
A. Yes you have the choice of plywood, osb, cement board and fire rated sheathing.